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When it comes to voting, there are no stupid questions.
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Got a question about the election this November? Chicago’s mayoral race? Illinois politics in general? BGA Engagement Editor Mia Sato will select and investigate readers’ questions and publish stories based on your submissions. Ask away!

Step 1: You ask us questions about the election
Step 2: We find the answers
Step 3: Everyone learns something new!

Here’s an idea of what you could ask:

  • Are there other states in the US that have a few powerful political families?
  • What does the comptroller do, and why should I care about the race?
  • What’s unique about this race for governor?
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Learn who’s running and where they stand.
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Where you’ll get all the information you need on the candidates who will appear on your ballot. From hand-crafted questionnaires, to extensive research on their stances and endorsements, Illinois Votes will be your go-to resource for candidate information.

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Know your plan before you vote.
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This tool will allow you to preview exactly how your ballot will look when you vote. Know what decisions you’ll have to make, that way you can be prepared with information to make those decisions. You’ll also get tailored instructions for when and where you can vote!

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